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LampStrong Foundation Programs

The LampStrong Foundation provides difference-making financial, emotional and motivational support to cancer patients and families in all the stages of cancer treatment and recovery and funds proven cancer researchers. Through the Programming Pillars below, the LampStrong Foundation hopes to positively influence the lives of those battling cancer and encourage survivors and their families to make the most of their second chance at life.


Check back often for more information on details on these programs.

Nutrition & Training

The LampStrong Foundation will assist cancer patients in recovery by awarding grants for nutrition and personal training to get back to as close to precancerous condition as possible. More details coming soon on partners for this programming pillar.

Activities for Patients

The LampStrong Foundation will work to brighten the day of cancer patients by providing activities, enhancing facilities and through personal support to make their treatment go as smoothly as possible.

Support for Families

Families provide support for the cancer patient that is immeasurable. The LampStrong Foundation looks to assist families with their needs so they can provide the support to their Hero during his or her battle.


Research is crucial to finding a cure for this terrible disease. No person, especially a child, should have to endure the rigors of battling cancer. The LampStrong Foundation looks to work with proven cancer researchers to help fund their projects to make a cure that much more realistic.

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