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The LampStrong Hero Program continues, but is now based in Chi-Town

The Lampstrong Hero Program flickered to life in June of 2013. Tristan, Central Ohio’s 2013 LLS Boy of the Year will go down in history as the first to sport that traditional oversized gray T-shirt with the big red “L” on its front. It was Tristan, followed by Connor and Anna and Noah and Sean and so many others who fanned that flame. By 2015 the Lampstrong Hero Program was at full blaze. This is because there are so many children and young adults that must confront the horrors of dealing with cancer. Then came the move to Chicago. In short, with Matt’s relocation, Columbus Crew SC could no longer offer the support that it had in the past. The gales off the Windy City’s famous lake were threatening to snuff out the flame that to date represented the Foundation’s Hero Program. Following Matt’s struggle to gain a foothold at his new professional soccer club, the Hero Program found new support. The Chicago Fire Soccer Club,along with the collaboration of many additional MLS teams, have been instrumental in helping to find kids and families that need a break from the emotional grind of dealing with cancer treatment and its effects. The mission of The LampStrong Foundation is to provide difference-making financial, emotional and motivational support to cancer patients and families in all the stages of cancer treatment and recovery and to fund proven cancer researchers. In its small and unpretentious way, Matt’s Hero Program does just that. This year it is the Tylers and Christina-Marias and Riens and Austins and so many more that are fanning the flames. They are the ones that have earned the privilege to wear that big gray T-shirt with the big red superhero “L” on its front. These are the heroes that will keep the Fire burning.

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