LampStrong Makes a House Call

On Friday, April 14, Matt Lampson spent time visiting with a young member of the Fire family who is currently battling cancer. The younger brother of Fire U-13 Academy player Mateo Canales, 10-year-old Oliver was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age three. Oliver went into remission but relapsed three years later in 2013, and again in August of 2016. Earlier this year, the Canales family learned that the leukemia had made its way into Oliver’s spinal fluid, causing him to lose vision in his left eye. A few weeks later, an ear infection caused hearing loss in both of his ears. Though Matt had led the entire first team in recording a video message in a show of support for O

Shedd Aquarium and LampStrong Play Host to Two Heroes

Cancer has a way of stealing from someone. Cancer takes away life's innocence and slowly saps a once love-filled, happy life. One becomes bitter, finds reasons for resentment, and loses innocence. This process happens gradually, throughout the pain and agony of the treacherous battle against cancer. Having gone through this ordeal myself, I find it imperative to diminish the spread of such thoughts. Over my countless meetings with hundreds of patients and survivors, there is a broad spectrum of the affects of the cancer negativity. Many still retain their innocence, their positivity on life, while others have begun to succumb to cancer's harsh realities and seethe with anger. I remember endu

Landmark Donation for the LampStrong Foundation

Nothing speaks louder than an image. For that, the reader is directed to the image of the two distinct soccer players that accompany this posting. As incredulous as it might seem, the image is not of two different people. It portrays Matt Lampson, one and the same, albeit during remarkably different stages of his life. These contrasting images make the point better than could a million spoken or written words. With scant appeal to the reader to be introspective, they provide insight into the nature by which Matt Lampson became inspired to launch his foundation. It was during this two year long personal struggle to bounce back from the ravages sustained from illness and treatment that t

Hero Program Remains a Fundamental Component of the LampStrong Foundation

The vision of the LampStrong Foundation is to positively influence the lives of those battling cancer and to encourage survivors to make the most of their second chance at life. One of its programming pillars is simple: the Foundation will work to brighten the day of cancer patients and those in recovery by providing activities for them and their families. Early on, with limited resources and with a desire to do something of influence with his foundation, and with the help of an angel that insists on remaining anonymous, Matt was gently directed towards the most obvious of allies: Major League Soccer and many of its teams. In this way, the Hero Program was born. The Hero Program is one in

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