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Landmark Donation for the LampStrong Foundation

Nothing speaks louder than an image. For that, the reader is directed to the image of the two distinct soccer players that accompany this posting. As incredulous as it might seem, the image is not of two different people. It portrays Matt Lampson, one and the same, albeit during remarkably different stages of his life.

These contrasting images make the point better than could a million spoken or written words. With scant appeal to the reader to be introspective, they provide insight into the nature by which Matt Lampson became inspired to launch his foundation. It was during this two year long personal struggle to bounce back from the ravages sustained from illness and treatment that the seminal idea to encourage others in similar circumstances took hold.

Hence, one of the Lampstrong Foundation’s unique programming pillars is “to assist cancer patients in recovery by awarding grants for nutrition and personal training to get back to as close to precancerous condition as possible”.

In this vein, the Lampstrong Foundation is very proud to announce its partnership with the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s HOT (Hematology, Oncology, and Transplant) Healthy Living Initiative. The foundation’s $20,000.00 donation is earmarked to buy simple equipment such as resistance bands and exercise balls. Production of programming for closed circuit television that will be specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors regarding illness appropriate exercises and the appropriate use of such equipment is also planned. In addition, the Chicago Fire Soccer Club’s physical therapy team has committed to running a monthly fitness program at the hospital.

With this special donation to the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Matt is striving to achieve his dream of encouraging the young cancer survivor to get back to fitness, strive towards a healthy lifestyle, and make the most out of their second chance at life.

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