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Lampson again wins the MLS WORKS MLS Humanitarian of the Year presented by Advocare

LampStrong Foundation, President & Minnesota United FC Goalkeeper, Matt Lampson, has been named the 2018 MLS WORKS Humanitarian of the Year presented by Advocare. This is the first time in League history that a player has won this award twice.

Please find a statement from Lampson below:

“Above all, I feel it imperative to call attention to all of the players that were nominated [for this award]. It is fantastic and inspiring to have so many athletes using their platform in Major League Soccer to make a positive impact all over the world. I am honored to simply be mentioned in the same category as all of these phenomenal people.

“When I began working with cancer patients and families in 2013, I never would have dreamed of receiving this honor once, let alone for a second time. All I have ever tried to do is inspire and instill hope in all cancer patients to use their second chance at life to truly make a difference. I want everyone to understand and recognize how precious every day is and live with a greater appreciation of life. I have been able to reach so many lives through the help of not only Minnesota United, but nearly every other team across the league. The community relations staffs of MLS have helped me to spread my message and change lives every day.

“I will continue to do everything in my power to reach as many patients and families as possible. This award is for every single person that has conquered cancer and has earned a second chance at life. This award is for every family member that has known the struggle and been the strength for those that are in the battle. This award is for my parents and my siblings, whom I would never have been able to defeat cancer without.

“Thank you to not only Minnesota United, but to my teammates, the front office and, most importantly, the fans, for being so supportive and impactful in my mission. This award is well deserved for such an amazing city.”

Thank you, Matt, for all you do for the LampStrong Foundation and congratulations on this amazing recognition.

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