Brushes With Cancer

Has anyone heard of Jenna Benn Shersher? She is the founder of an online support community tagged Twist Out Cancer ( This survivor of a rare form of lymphoma came up with the unique idea of blending psychosocial support, advocacy, and education with the creative arts. One of Twist Out Cancer’s fundraising initiatives is a celebration entitled Brushes with Cancer. Here those touched by cancer are paired with a participating artist that is charged with creating a unique piece of artwork reflective of that individual’s journey with cancer. Funds are then raised by auctioning the pieces to the highest bidder. Check out Chicago artist David Turok’s Matt Lampson inspi

Matt Gets a Shout Out from Modern Luxury CS Magazine, Chicago Edition

Look who is featured on the last page of Modern Luxury CS magazine, Chicago Edition. The November issue features a portfolio of Chicago’s most prolific philanthropists. While Frank Ishman’s photography allows us a rare peek at Matt Lampson atypically attired in a business suit, Joel Reese’s article recognizes Matt’s efforts to make a small impact in improving the lives of children, teenagers, and young adults dealing with cancer.

Lurie Children's HOT Healthy Living Video is Nearly Complete

Seed money from the Foundation’s recent $20,000.00 donation to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s HOT healthy living campaign is being put to good use. The hospital’s media team is nearing completion of the production of in house exercise videos that will be available to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Matt Delivers Keynote Address to Young Adult Cancer Survivors

On November 2, young cancer survivors that were diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 39 were invited to network with each other at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch. The event was hosted by the Lurie Cancer Center. The theme of the event, how fitness and nutrition can benefit young adults with cancer, was right down Matt’s wheelhouse. As keynote speaker, Matt agreed to tell his story of diagnosis, treatment, and the important role that exercise and nutrition played in his recovery.

Halloween at Lurie Children's Hospital

Along with the folks at Firecakes Donuts, and in collaboration with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Foundation, there were no ghosts and goblins roaming the hematology/oncology service last Halloween. Instead there were donuts. The problem was that the donuts were naked. They needed some sprucing up. Here is where the patients, their families, and staff had so much fun. They spent the morning decorating donuts for later consumption. Matt wishes to express a great big thank you to Kevin Braden, Jonathan Fox, Moira Bryan, Christian Dean, and all the folks at Luries and Firecakes that made this event happen. Check out the images of the yummy (and some scary) trea

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