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LampStrong Hero Gus attends Camp Shutout

The LampStrong Foundation was proud to partner with Camp Shutout, a Goalkeeping Camp, to host LampStrong Hero Gus at their 2018 summer camp.

It was over one year ago that Matt, discretely promulgated the following via twitter: “If you, or someone you know is a goalkeeper that has had or currently has cancer, contact me or @Campshutout about a great opportunity!”.

CampShutout, the brainchild of one goalkeeper coach Stan Anderson, is most likely the largest soccer goalie development camp in the world. It is special in that it caters to the mental and physical skill sets demanded of goalkeepers, regardless of level. Stan is also a friend of the LampStrong Foundation. As such, and in conjunction with Matt’s vision to facilitate opportunities to young cancer survivors in becoming the best that they can become, a Campshutout scholarship was extended to one of Matt’s Heroes.

Gus, like Matt, is a survivor of Stage IV Hodgins Lymphoma. He was 12 years old when he found out. Like Matt, he underwent an aggressive treatment regimen of chemotherapy and radiation…..and like Matt, he is a goalkeeper.

Along with the collaboration of the big hearted staff of Campshutout and the LampStrong Foundation, Gus was able to attend last July’s one week residential camp in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. After all, who could have been better to send? It was Gus, a young man battling cancer at the tender age of 12, that had the maturity to say “Everyone comes through challenges in their life, but some people have bigger, harder ones and other people go through littler ones along the way. No matter what you’ll get through it all”.

Gus… are a LampStrong Hero!

Matt Lampson and Hero Gus

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