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Lampson & Alston Meet LLS Hero Post-Match

For the July 20th match, there was an LLS Hero lined up to attend the match but right before the match it became extra special. Kevin Alston of the New England Revolution who is fighting CML was removed from the disabled list for the first time since being diagnosed, traveled to the match & agreed to participate in the post-match LLS Hero Meeting with LLS of Central Ohio Hero Lucas.

"This proved to be a remarkable twist in fate, as Kevin Alston was removed from the disabled list and made the trip to Columbus. We knew this would be a fantastic chance to have players from both sides, each with a very personal connection to cancer, come together for the common good. Contact was made back and forth and it was arranged to have Kevin and I both meet the LLS Hero post-match. Kevin is a fantastic, strong, and resilient guy and I am so glad he was able to be a part of something so special. I hope this spurs Kevin on to continue to motivate others and provide a long lasting message of awareness for blood cancers. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every Hero, and I cannot wait to meet even more. I am very excited to think about not only what the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, myself, or Kevin can accomplish for cancer awareness and research, but also what Crew Soccer Nation can do. This is the start of something wonderful, and I will not stop, I will not give up, until there is a cure. We, as a Crew Soccer Nation, can make a ‘someday’ cancer cure today.” - Matt Lampson

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