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The Chicago Fire Soccer Club supports the Lampstrong Foundation

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club, in tandem with the Chicago Fire Foundation presented a check in the amount of $2500.00 to the Lampstrong Foundation. Through the MLS Every Save Makes a Difference Community Program, the check was earned during the Friday, September 23, 2016 Chicago Fire vs. New York City FC match. In so doing, Chicago’s hometown professional soccer club aids the Lampstrong Foundation in its mission to assist cancer patients in their physical and emotional recovery from treatment.

In the face of this generous donation, the Foundation wishes to bring focus and attention to the “overlooked” cancer patient. Specifically, it wishes to recognize the adolescent, teenage, and young adult individuals that are presented with the daunting task of dealing with serious and life threatening illness. These cancer patients are not children nor are they adults. They are the “betweeners”. Cancer saps them of the energy that should be part and parcel of being young. It robs them of their burgeoning independence when they desperately want it. It pummels at their body image at a time when their bodies are maturing and self image is so important. Their treatment often compels them to confront physical disfigurement at a time when they are not mature enough to accept it. Hair loss, surgical scarring, uncontrolled weight fluctuations and the possibility of loss of limb or life are all part of the deal. At the same time that their peers are on the verge of stepping out into adulthood, they are dealing with uncertainty. Matt knows this all too well. He experienced it. He was there. The Lampstrong Foundation is unique in its effort to raise awareness, to aid, and to bring comfort to the “overlooked” cancer patient.

Sincere gratitude is expressed to the Chicago Fire Soccer Club and the Chicago Fire Foundation for its generous donation. It is with this support that the Lampstrong Foundation will be able to continue to influence the lives of those battling cancer and encourage survivors and their families to make the most of their second chance at life.

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