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The Milk Man Delivers to the Lampstrong Foundation

Section 8 is one of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club’s independent supporters associations. Since 2009, and at the culmination of each season, this supporters group selects a single player to be honored as the Chicago 8 Player of the Year. This recognition is determined though fan vote. It recognizes the Chicago Fire player that, during the season, demonstrated the most consistent performance on the pitch as well as commitment to the club, its traditions, and the supporter base. The award carries with it a $1000.00 donation to the charity of the honoree’s choice. Following the 2016 MLS season, Sean Johnson, affectionately referred to by the supporters as “The Milk Man” because of a local Chicago area commercial in which he poses as an old timey milk man delivering the catchphrase “The milk man always delivers”, was bestowed the honor of Player of the Year Award. The supporters were delivered five shutouts in twenty two appearance by Sean this season. Despite this, “The Milk Man’s” best delivery of the year was not made on the soccer pitch or in a local commercial. It was the delivery of a $1,000 donation that he directed to the LampStrong Foundation.

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