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Glazed and Infused Goes All In For LampStrong

Whenever or wherever donuts and Matt come together good things happen. Nothing illustrates this fact better than what happened this summer, on August 26. This is when Matt and his Chicago Fire teammates took over the counter at the Lincoln Park Glazed and Infused location. Brant Bronico, Daniel Johnson, Stefan Cleveland, Jonathan Campbell, and the famously irascible Dax McCarty all teamed up with the good folks at Glazed and Infused to help raise funds for the Lampstrong Foundation. The boys took the time to meet, eat, and greet donut lovers from all over Chicago. In doing so, they raised over $1600.00 for the Lampstrong Foundation.

Matt wishes to extend a hearty word of thanks to his teammates, the folks at the Francesca’s Restaurant Group, and the donut aficionados of the greater Chicago area. Together, through the Lampstrong Foundation, they are helping children cope with the ravages of cancer and its treatment.

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